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Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

I have been dealing with neck aches and headaches for the past 20 plus years. I had been seeing chiropractors at least 15-20 times annually. Five minutes in the chiropractor’s office gave me nothing but temporary relief. In January of this year my wife watched an interview with Dr. James on Channel 9. He was describing the “atlas orthogonal procedure.” After further research we called for an appointment and a free consultation. Dr. James went into a lot of detail that made sense to the both of us. I decided to give it a try. I began my treatments in late March. After 3-4 treatments I noticed the head and neck aches literally went away. I have not had a neck related headache now going on 4 months. What I also appreciate is that if you don’t need a treatment at the time of your appointment, Dr. James will not administer one. I currently see him about once every 8 weeks. I would definitely recommend Dr. James to anyone suffering from similar pain. I only wish that he had come into my life 20 years ago! And let us not forget Brittany. She is always friendly and easy to work with. With welcomed relief,

Kim Dushinski

Kim Dushinski

I used to get ‘gotta-take-an-aspirin-now’ headaches 3 times a week (sometimes more often,) then I was treated by Dr. James and my headaches have disappeared. If you get headaches all the time, don’t wait any longer-see Dr. James now.

Maria Cochran

Maria Cochran

After suffering for many years with intermittent headaches, I read about Dr. James in a local magazine. I decided to give his strange machine a try. Finally, relief for my headaches! Dr. James has improved my problems with neck, hip, and lower back pain. Now I don’t have to give up the activities that I love.

Linda Chambers

Linda Chambers

When I first came to Dr. James, I had been referred to him by a friend who said he had a revolutionary new machine that didn’t hurt and was able to adjust me so that I was better. I had been in a car accident and was experiencing horrible headaches-so bad I would cry through them. It was almost immediately after I received a treatment that I felt improvement. Not only is he a skilled chiropractor, but his integrity and compassion are the highest level. When he takes you as a patient, you become part of his ‘family’. Thank you Dr. James!

Natalie Landau

Natalie Landau

Prior to seeing Dr. James, I had seen numerous chiropractors, osteopaths, neurologists, and headache specialists. I had been suffering from headaches for over 14 years, as a result of a car accident. Every provider either told me there was nothing they could do for me, or they put me on medications. I have been seeing Dr. James since January. I am thrilled to report that I am off all of my headache medications, and have not had a headache in over two months. Dr. James and his staff are extremely accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. James has literally changed my life! I am so thankful for the attention and service at Dr. James’ office.

Michelle Lehman

Michelle Lehman

I have been diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Type II malformation. I was informed by my medical doctors that the only help to relieve my headaches and other pain associated with this was through surgery. After only 2 weeks of the Atlas Orthogonal treatments, I was completely symptom-free! Dr. James gave me back my life. I have complete trust in him because I have seen the positive results. Thank you Dr. James, for all you’ve done. Our lives have changed for the better because of you.

John Bauer

John Bauer

I knew I was on the road to recovery when I could get up from my desk at work and walk down the hall without having to stop because of the pain in leg and lower back. I have resumed my old exercise routine at the gym that I had to give up for awhile due to back and leg pain. Being without pain was formerly the norm for me. Now I have a deeper appreciation for those times when I can walk and exercise without pain.

Leslie Ashing

Leslie Ashing

My first experience with Dr. James was not for me- my mom had traveled here and was in extreme pain. I picked up the phone book and started calling. He returned my call almost immediately-saw her the next day and took such care in her that I began seeing him myself! I had been driving to Boulder for treatments. Now I feel better and I don’t have to make the drive-Thanks! I have increased energy, over all feeling of well-being. Both are valued! I’m in sales- I have to be at my best.

Marcie Clouthier

Marcie Clouthier

Dr. James was so easy to talk to. He made the office visits fun. My girls loved to come to see the fish at “mommy’s headache doctor. I have spent years trying to get rid of my chronic headaches. I was taking prescription painkillers almost daily. I am now headache free! I can go weeks without needing to take anything.

Dee Spinuzzi

Dee Spinuzzi

Ever since I can remember I’ve suffered with migraine headaches having all the classic symptoms. From early childhood to menopause, the headache would descend without warning and I’d have to spend the rest of the day in bed. Any medications would immediately be thrown up, before it could take effect. Never could I pinpoint any cause for these headaches. During the course of my life, I was referred to neurologists, homeopathic remedies, and even chiropractic treatments. None ever worked. After menopause, I started waking up with migraines, which kept me in bed for two days. Two weeks later - the same scenario. Out of desperation, a friend referred me to Dr. James, who after examining me told me my head was off center on my spinal cord. After he started treating me, my headaches virtually vanished. Imagine being able to plan activities without worrying about an unexpected migraine!! Thank you, Dr. Randy.

Myron Coulter

Myron Coulter

It was greater than three years after my accident that I learned of Dr. James. During that time however, I was subjected to numerous X-rays, two MRI’s, a lengthy rides fluoroscopy, and five examinations by insurance physicians, much physical therapy, 134 chiropractic and medical treatments that included acupuncture and nerve block injections. All of these procedures were in effort to alleviate the pain. The pain was persistent. Subsequent treatments proved to be quite successful. I seldom have any pain. And when I do, one treatment puts an end to it. I not only now have a great chiropractor, but I have a great friend as well.

Jimmie Bales

My name is Jimmie Bales and I suffer from a Neuro-muscular condition known as Spasmodic Torticollis. It was not until Dr. James started adjusting my Atlas that I began showing improvement with my neck and back alignment. I was suffering from acute pain in my left hip due to the torque effect on my back muscles. I received immediate relief from the hip pain on the first adjustment and over the next few months there was a marked improvement in the tilt of my head and the pain associated with it. Along with the Atlas adjustment I was also having weekly deep tissue massages, deep muscle botox injections and ongoing stretching and exercising programs.

I first saw Dr. James in October of 2006 after my chiropractor in Riverton Wyoming recommended that I try Atlas Orthogonal adjustments. On my first visit I had to take two anti spasm pills in order to relax enough so Dr. James could get the x-rays to do his work up. After the work up he told me to date I took the prize for degrees out of alignment and he thought he could help me.

Jimmie Bales - before first visit
July 2006
July 2007
July 2007
July 2008
Jimmie Bales - July 2008

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Denver Headache and Spine Center Partners to Offer Premium, Collaborative Care forPersonal Injury Patients

Littleton, Colorado, February 20, 2019—Denver Headache and Spine Center has announced its alliance with Ament Headache Center in opening a game-changing, modern, premium care facility for personal injury victims. Housing neurological, chiropractic, vestibular, and vision therapy in one location, this facility holistically addresses unresolved pain such as headaches, migraines, vertigo, and concussion. This integrated medical center was designed and built to remove the limitations that conventional treatments and commercial insurance oftentimes place on personal injury patients.

This collaboration is not only unique in the collective in-house medical services it offers, but alsoin its approach to payment. Providers work closely with select personal injury law offices to provide patients immediate care without the necessity of producing large out-of-pocket paymentsor contracting with a finance company. Payment for service is received only after a patient’s case is settled. According to Dr. James, “We believe that quality of care should not be determinant on insurance coverage or the patient’s financial means, or that the length of treatment should be dictated by insurance companies rather than the patient’s progress. Our collaborative approach allows us to collectively treat all of the systemic issues until they are fully addressed, improving the lives of our patients without saddling them with debt.”

Patients matriculate into this network through initial consultations with Dr. James or Dr. Ament. The office is centrally located at 1720 Bellaire Street, Suites 200 and 201, in Denver, Colorado.

About Denver Headache and Spine Center: Dr. James is a board-certified atlas orthogonal chiropractor and founder of Denver Headache and Spine Center, located in Littleton, Colorado. He can be reached at 303-795-7530 or via

About Ament Headache Center: Neurologist Dr. Michael Ament specializes in headache and migraine pain and can be contacted at 303-834-5677 or through his website,

Download PDF Version: ament_james_alliance.pdf

Denver Headache and Spine Center Provides Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care, Unique in Colorado

Littleton, Colorado, February 20, 2019—Housing two of only three board-certified atlas orthogonal (AO) practitioners in the state of Colorado, Denver Headache and Spine Center offersnon-invasive care to significantly reduce chronic head and neck pain via the realignment of the atlas vertebra. This mainstream, non-manipulative approach not only relieves irritation and inflammation dramatically, it also diminishes peripheral risks often associated with traditional spine manipulation, such as ligament damage or arterial dissection.

According to the Center’s founder, Dr. Randy James, “The subsequent pain from trauma to the upper neck—whether through an accident, injury, or repetitive stress—is the result of the body’s attempt to compensate for the misalignment. The resulting damage can manifest itself through chronic pain in the head, neck, back, shoulders, and limbs. To address this pain, we perform a thorough assessment of symptoms through neurological examinations, precise imaging methods, and personalized consultation to determine if AO adjustments will be advantageous for the patient.”

The Center’s support of patients goes beyond atlas orthogonal care. Dr. James recognizes that AO treatment may not be the answer for every situation, or may be only one element necessary in combatting on-going pain. Therefore, the practice connects patients with its vast and highly collaborative network of medical sub-specialists including neurologists, physical, vestibular, and vision therapists, providing patients with realistic and effective alternatives to target and resolve the source of their discomfort.

About Denver Headache and Spine Center: Denver Headache and Spine Center is an atlas orthogonal chiropractic practice located in Littleton, Colorado. For more information or to make an appointment, call 303-795-7530 or visit

Download PDF Version: dhsc_pr.pdf

Head and Neck Pain-Sufferers Get the NFL Treatment at Denver Headache and Spine Center

ESPN’s documentary 30 For 30 The '85 Bears takes a look back at some remarkable football greats, including William Perry and Walter Payton, to catch up with them 30 years after their remarkable careers as part of the championship Chicago Bears.

The program also features the compelling story of Jim McMahon, whose prolific, impressive, and sometimes controversial sports career and life, have also been shadowed by severe head and neck pain, onset dementia, and depression – attributed to the countless injuries sustained on the field.

McMahon shares his story of recovery, attributing the recent relief from both physical and emotional ailments to a spinal-misalignment therapy via FONAR Upright MRI that he received from New York’s Dr. Scott Rosa. Also known as Atlas Orthogonal Percussive Wave therapy, Dr. Rosa is a foremost expert in the use of this innovative technology coupled with upright MRI imaging.

This non-invasive, painless delivery of sound pressure to the upper bone in the neck has been shown to provide a great deal of relief for the most severe of head and neck problems. Like many Atlas Orthogonal patients, McMahon reportedly found remarkable relief from this non-surgical application that targets the misalignment of the Atlas bone at the base of the skull.

Dr. Randy James of Denver Headache and Spine Center offers this head and neck pain technology in a clinic setting – albeit without the upright MRI application. Dr. James is only one of three doctors in Colorado to be board-certified in the use of the Atlas Orthogonal instrument and therapy.

“You don’t have to be a professional athlete to get world-class pain relief,” explains Dr. James. “While my colleague Dr. Rosa is a foremost expert in the use of the FONAR upright MRI, I offer the same percussive sound-wave technology in a private practice with excellent results – right here in Denver.”

Dr. James explains that the outcomes are excellent for any cause of the Atlas misalignment. “Whether you suffer a ski injury, perform manual labor, have been in an accident, or simply experience stress and strain in daily life, this non-invasive treatment could be of tremendous help.”

3 Steps to Make That Splitting Headache ... Split!

Twenty percent of all headache sufferers have headaches so bad that over-the-counter medications fail. Headaches of this magnitude may never be relieved by medication, massage, or changes in lifestyle. For those suffering chronic headaches, the answers to three questions may lead them down the path to permanent relief, getting them back to the life they deserve.

Littleton, CO September 7, 2010 -- Headaches are the most common cause of absenteeism from work and school, according to US News & World Report. Approximately 70 percent of all headaches occur in women, and nearly 20 percent have headaches so bad that they seek medical attention when over-the-counter medications fail.

“While some headaches and migraines may be connected to the monthly hormone surges in women, nearly 30 percent are unrelated. In fact, women suffering chronic headaches find nothing at all “regular” about their headaches,” says Dr. Randy L. James, DC, BCAO of the Denver Headache and Spine Center. “They are not hormonal, not stress-related, and cannot be alleviated by medication, massage, or changes in diet or exercise. Many women who suffer these debilitating headaches have lost hope.”

The most debilitating, longest lasting headaches are often caused by a trauma to the head or base of the skull, according to Dr. James, who is one of only 300 physicians throughout the United States, Europe, Spain and Japan who is board-certified to perform the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. “A one-time event like a car or bike accident, a fall, or even a trauma that occurred during birth is often the culprit. Poor posture and lifting habits, occupational hazards, stress, or a lack of rest and exercise, can also be the cause.”

This type of chronic headache pain occurs in the base of the skull when the Atlas, a small bone at the top of the neck that forms a protective ring around the brain stem, becomes damaged. It effects the nerves, a condition known as Atlas Neurovascular Syndrome. Relief comes in the form of a painless procedure that does not involve drugs, surgery or manipulation. Atlas Orthogonality, developed by engineers at Georgia Tech University, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for more than 30 years. The technique identifies and corrects upper cervical subluxation, according to University of Colorado’s Dr. C. H. Suh, PhD. An Atlas Orthogonist is a doctor of chiropractic with advanced training in the biomechanics and neurology of the upper neck.

Chronic headache sufferers don’t have to live with their life altering pain. According to Dr. James, a “yes” answer to any of these questions could mean that relief is finally in sight:

1) Does the headache start from the base of the skull then radiate into the top of the head or face?
2) Do you ever remember having an accident that could have hurt, jarred or twisted your neck?
3) Have other doctors, a primary care physician, neurologists, or other specialists, been unable to help?

Dr. Randy L James, DC, BCAO is one of only two doctors in the state of Colorado board-certified to perform the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. An honors graduate from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, he has been trained by some of the best doctors in the world to identify spinal/musculoskeletal conditions. Over the last eight years, Dr. James has helped hundreds of headache sufferers make the switch from living a life confined by their pain, to living a life free from pain.

Those who want to find out if their headaches are caused by Atlas Neurovascular Syndrome can consult Dr. Randy L. James at 303-795-7530, and request a free copy of The Headache Report: What Millions Of Americans Like You Are Now Doing To Finally Eliminate Their Headache Pain!

Choosing a Chiropractor doesn’t have to be a Pain in the Neck: 5 Danger Signs to Avoid When Finding the Right Chiropractor

More people suffering from life’s aches and pains seek chiropractic than those who try alternative therapies like yoga, massage, and acupuncture. With more than 60,000 licensed chiropractors nation-wide, patients often wonder how to find a qualified chiropractor who can relieve their particular pain. “The Headache Doctor” Randy James of the Denver Headache and Spine Center offers these Five Danger Signs to Avoid When Finding the Right Chiropractor.

Littleton, CO (Vocus) August 2, 2011 -- Yoga and massage have recently gained in popularity. However, approximately 7.4 percent of the population is turning to chiropractic care which, according to the American Chiropractic Association, is a higher percentage than those seeking alternative therapies like yoga, massage, and acupuncture or other diet-based therapies. Of those seeking chiropractic care, 84 percent experience neck pain, headaches and lower back pain, according to the Chiropractic Resource Organization. But where does one start? How can the pitfalls of searching for a chiropractor be avoided? How can a good, qualified chiropractor be found?

“Finding relief for back pain doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck,” assures Dr. Randy James, DC, BCAO of the Denver Headache and Spine Center. It can be difficult for someone suffering from neck or back pain to decide where to turn. Dr. James suggests that patients avoid these five danger signs when finding the right chiropractor:

1. Long-term Treatment Commitments
Patients should avoid contracts that tie them to one office for more than a few visits. If an agreement includes a non-refundable fee for deciding to leave the practice, keep searching. "You should be free to get a second opinion or discontinue treatment at any time," warns Dr. James. "Do not be forced into anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

2. Exclusive Treatment
Avoid a chiropractor that discourages the patient from other treatment outside of chiropractic care. "Anyone practicing in today's medical environment should be willing to work closely with other branches of medicine, including primary care, physical therapy, and interventional pain management," advises Dr. James. "A reputable chiropractor should be able, and willing, to identify conditions they cannot treat and refer to a more appropriate provider."

3. Outrageous Claims
There is a reason for the old saying, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Avoid chiropractic professionals who make claim to be able to cure unrealistic, unreasonable, or unrelated conditions. Dr. James insists that a patient should never be scared into treatment.

4. Opposition to Available Technology
X-rays and advanced imaging such as MRI can detect when chiropractic is a proper prescription, and when it is not. "There are a number of circumstances in which chiropractic treatment is contraindicated,” continues Dr. James. “In addition to a thorough examination, imaging the spine can usually detect these problems to avoid further injury."

5. Ignoring Your Instincts
When arriving at the facility, pay attention to the surroundings. Is the office well maintained and clean? Is the staff friendly? Does the doctor respect the patients’ time or are patients kept waiting? Do the recommendations the doctor make seem reasonable? If something seems “off,” it probably is. With more than 60,000 active chiropractic licenses in all 50 states, there are certainly better options.

“The average adult who selects a chiropractor and begins treatment should notice 40%-50% improvement within the first four to five weeks of treatment,” concludes Dr. James. “If the patient is still struggling after five weeks, it is time to re-evaluate and most likely change strategies."

Also known as The Headache Doctor, Dr. Randy L James, DC, BCAO is an honors graduate from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic who has been trained by some of the best doctors in the world to identify spinal/musculoskeletal conditions. Over the last eight years, Dr. James has helped hundreds of neck, back and headache sufferers make the switch from living a life confined by their pain, to living a life free from pain.

For further tips on selecting a chiropractor, request the free audio CD “Five Secrets for Choosing a Qualified Chiropractor” at the Denver Headache and Spine Center, or call Dr. Randy L. James at 303-795-7530

Headaches: A barrier in the bedroom?

“Not tonight, dear. I have a …”

If you can finish that sentence, you are well aware of the longstanding association between headaches and people’s sex lives. While the “I have a headache” statement is something of a pop-culture punch line, research actually validates the causal relationship.

Littleton, CO Oct. 2, 2012 – Survey results posted by "Everyday Health" note that 69 percent of respondents reported avoiding sex when headaches hit them. And a 2012 report released by the "Journal of Sexual Medicine" concluded that 90 percent of women suffering from tension-related or migraine headaches also report sexual problems.

"Most patients who suffer from chronic headaches have learned to manage their pain,” says Dr. Randy L. James, DC, BCAO. “But it's the impact that pain has on their everyday lives that bothers them the most. From spending time with their children to things as intimate as their sex life everything seems to be affected."On a basic level, people in pain find it just plain difficult to get into a physically expressive mood. Especially in the case of severe symptoms such as those associated with migraines, the body and mind shut off other stimulus to concentrate on the damaging sensations.

Headache pain can diminish the production of serotonin, the neuro-signaling chemical that helps regulate mood, sleep and other vital functions. The lower the serotonin level, the more likely a sufferer will deal with fatigue, depression and other blockades to intimacy.

Headache triggers

Studies of the effects of headaches on sexual performance typically focus on women, because most migraine patients are female. Headache triggers for women may include her menstrual cycle, pregnancy hormones, food allergies and lack of sleep.

Men can also bear the effects of pain on their sex drive. Hypertension, stress, pituitary conditions and even smoking can lead to headaches and related erectile dysfunction.

Going beyond aspirin

For most people coming down with a headache, the first impulse is to head for the medicine cabinet. But 20 percent of headaches are severe enough to be unaffected by over-the-counter treatments.

People whose tension or migraine headaches seem to be a chronic condition unresponsive to over-the-counter medications may discover a solution in seeking out the services of a chiropractor. But many people find the idea of traditional “neck cracking” an unsuitable alternative.

A gentle approach

For these people, the ideal treatment is an upper-neck procedure – called Atlas Orthogonal – that uses no manipulation and offers a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Not every chiropractor can perform this advanced technique; in fact, this more gentle approach requires postgraduate certification. As of today, Colorado has only two board-certified doctors offering Atlas Orthogonal. One of them is Dr. Randy James. An honors graduate from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, he has been trained by some of the best doctors in the world to identify spinal/musculoskeletal conditions.

Atlas Orthogonal, a method that focuses on correcting the Atlas (top vertebra) to be in alignment with the spine, “is a proven way to treat the cause of headaches without drugs or surgery,” says Dr. James. “In fact it is safe for people who have undergone spinal fusion.”

Comfortable, affordable and effective

For patients dedicated to breaking the cycle of migraine pain without undergoing traditional “neck cracking,” Atlas Orthogonal offers a gentle, virtually stress-free treatment. “Most people notice vast improvement within two to three weeks,” says Dr. James. “And this is an affordable method of treatment.”

Lasting benefits

The gentle, non-manipulative Atlas Orthogonal treatment advocated by Dr. James offers ongoing relief based on the correct alignment of head and spine. For men and women whose sex lives are currently compromised by headache pain, this simple, comfortable and affordable option can be the answer.

Dr. Randy L James, DC, BCAO is one of only two doctors in the state of Colorado board-certified to perform the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. Over the last ten years, Dr. James has helped hundreds of headache sufferers make the switch from living a life confined by their pain, to living a life free from pain.

Those who want to find out if their headaches will respond to the Atlas Orthogonal procedure, can consult Dr. Randy L. James at 303-795-7530, and request a free copy of “The Headache Report: What Millions Of Americans Like You Are Now Doing To Finally Eliminate Their Headache Pain!”